• Take it with you, anywhere

    Disc Golf Pocket Guide is in the size of classic card. So it's really compact and you can easily carry it with you, store it in your pocket, bag or wallet.

  • Trajectory master

    Quickly check the trajectories of different throws for all disk types. All the different combinations. Find the best throw for yourself and surprise your friends.

  • Got in a windy situation?

    Don't worry, you don't have to remember how the wind affects your disc flight by heart. Just do a quick pocket guide check and get back to playing.

  • Both versions included

    Includes two cards – one for right-handed and one for left-handed players, so it really covers all possible throws and trajectories.

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  • Elliott

    As a new disc golf player I always seemed to forget the trajectories and all types of throws. This pocket guide helps to quickly check which type of throw I should do in each situation.

  • Sarah

    It's really convenient that I can easily check specific trajectories when I find myself in tough situations. I was surprised how much useful information can fit on a card of this size, hah.

  • Cole

    This product is useful for all players, not just beginners. It is easy to understand and use it from the very first time you look at it. It also helps when you need to choose a disc for the next throw.

  • Carter

    I recommend this pocket guide to anyone who wants to improve their strategy and skills. You may know all the classic throws, but it's really handy when you find yourself in unexpected situation.

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