About us

Niced Nation was founded in 2022 - not too long ago. We love the sport of disc golf and we try our best to reflect that through our products. We are based in Europe, but our products are being used across the whole World!

Our very first product

When we started to play disc golf we often found ourselves in these random beginner situations where you need either very creative or specific throws. Hyzer, anhyzer, stable, understable - ahh, it was really difficult to remember all the trajectories by heart so we created our own cheat sheet. And after that, the creative spark was lit!

But we did not stop there

With our first product being a success and quickly becoming beloved by our friends, we were encouraged to take it to the next level. During relaxing rounds of disc golf, we ran into another problem that we often lost or forgot our bottle openers. So, we came up with our unique 2-in-1 disc golf mini marker with a built-in bottle opener. You should have seen our friends' faces when they first saw it.

Next step in the process...

After yet another product that generated interest in anyone who could get their hands on it, we wanted to broaden the spectrum of our product catalogue. Following that we introduced different hats, found cool athletic shirt manufacturing partners and expanded into other product categories as well.

Follow up

Since then we have also launched fun and competitive Disc Golf card game - Disc golf Frenzy, as well as disc golf storage organizer etc. And we don't plan on stopping there, we got so many more ideas!

Our mission

Enhancing the Disc Golf experience through innovative, fun and practical products.

We are committed to creating products that are practical, improve the overall experience of playing disc golf and add more excitement.

Niced Nation crew is dedicated to promoting Disc Golf sport and making it more accessible to everyone by offering products that cater to players of all skill levels.