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NICED phrase disc golf hat - NicedNation Disc Golf Hat

NICED phrase disc golf hat - NicedNation Disc Golf Hat

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What are the odds of making your disc golf throw perfect? Imagine - you have to make the release angle perfect to not smash the disc in the ground and not to throw it way up in the air. You have to time the release perfect to not throw it in the lake to your right or in the bushes to your left. And even if you take those two out of the equation, there is still plenty to do wrong. So when you see that your disk flies perfectly after your last finger has left it's surface, the last thing you want to hear is an early NICE!

And then.. when everything seems just perfect, your friends can't help themselves from admiring your shot and they NICE you... ohh an the disc knows it and so does the closest tree to it. And once again you got Niced!

Be confident and wear the Niced disc golf hat proudly on your head and remind your friends to hold the compliments until the disc has landed!

• 55% cotton, 45% polyester
• Pigment-dyed twill front, mesh back
• Unstructured, six-panel, low-profile
• Pre-curved visor
• Plastic tab closure
• One size fits most
• Washed-out vintage effect

IMPORTANT: Product is custom made for each order, we do not accept returns of this product, but in case something is not as expected, please contact me immediately.
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The Hat

Niced hat design was inspired by the forbidden word – Nice. As you throw your best throw and the disc flies just perfectly and all of a sudden, your friend says “Nice”! And just like that the nice fight path somehow changes and grabs the first tree or wind breeze to make rough landing!


One size fits all


55% cotton, 45% polyester

Reviews from other disc golf players

  • Sophie

    This hat is amazing. It says it all with a minimal design!

  • Howard

    It was an amazing gift to buy for my disc golf buddy who throws only backhand throws!

  • Colin

    The quality of this hat is great. And the design is nice too. I really like it!

  • Oscar

    I really like this hat. The colors are bright, and the embroidery is great quality!

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Passion for disc golf!

Show your love for disc golf with style by wearing our unique design hats. Instead of bringing plain and generic hat to the course, elevate your style with hat that represents disc golf sport.

Healthy! Because we can't ignore the UV rays.

Although there are plenty of trees in many disc golf courses, you can't hide from the sun and the UV rays. And comfortable hat is one of the best ways how to provide shade and reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

Not just for the show...

Lightweight fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and comfortable on the course.

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