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Stupid Tree Turcker Hat for Disc Golf Players - NicedNation Disc Golf Hat

Stupid Tree Turcker Hat for Disc Golf Players - NicedNation Disc Golf Hat

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When you step up on the disc golf tee-pad ready to make your best forehand or backhand throw that will park the disc right next to the basket. Everything is set to be perfect except that one tree in the middle of your flight path. But what are the odds that you will hit it. There is plenty of room on each of the side.. surely you will get past it without a problem. Ohh so you thought, in reality we all know that the one tree is just as much obstacle as a wall!
This hat perfectly summarizes this situation that we all are well aware of and the mistake of underestimating that single tree.

• 55% cotton, 45% polyester
• Pigment-dyed twill front, mesh back
• Unstructured, six-panel, low-profile
• Pre-curved visor
• Plastic tab closure
• One size fits most
• Washed-out vintage effect

IMPORTANT: Product is custom made for each order, we do not accept returns of this product, but in case something is not as expected, please contact me immediately.
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The Hat

The stupid tree hat design was inspired by the moments when you find a perfect shortcut to the basket, and nothing is in your way – or so you thought. When you throw the disc, it flies perfectly but then there is that one small tree branch that somehow is perfectly aligned with the flight path with the disc and all you can say is just – stupid tree!


One size fits all


55% cotton, 45% polyester

Reviews from other disc golf players

  • Tiera

    I purchased this hat for my partner and since day one it feels as if he hasn’t taken it off! It became his go to hat right away!

  • Nick

    This hat might be just what every player needs during a bad round – it reminds me that it’s disc golf and anything can happen!

  • Robert

    I have worn this hat on some longer rounds and I can tell you one thing – the material is breathable, and it doesn’t get too sweaty! It’s great!

  • Anne

    I really like that there is a story behind every design. And there’s a design for everyone!

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Passion for disc golf!

Show your love for disc golf with style by wearing our unique design hats. Instead of bringing plain and generic hat to the course, elevate your style with hat that represents disc golf sport.

Healthy! Because we can't ignore the UV rays.

Although there are plenty of trees in many disc golf courses, you can't hide from the sun and the UV rays. And comfortable hat is one of the best ways how to provide shade and reduce exposure to direct sunlight.

Not just for the show...

Lightweight fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool and comfortable on the course.

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